2022 AAHSL Annual Meeting

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About the Matheson Lecture Program

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Face of Medicine: From Education to Practice

 The field of Medicine is full of paradox. It is one of the oldest professions, among the most technologically driven, and rife with ‘big data’ required to build artificial intelligence / machine learning (AI/ML) that informs expert-level decisions. However, data-driven innovation is often obstructed by regulation intended to ensure patient privacy and safety. In a world where almost every other industry is ‘smart’ and online, much of the health care industry still relies on outdated technology to fill prescriptions and transfer data. In this talk, we leverage state of the art ‘deep learning’ algorithms to expertly interpret large-scale clinical text and imaging data. We explore how to develop models within medical education to systematically catalog a digital curriculum of clinical intelligence that we teach our medical students. With growing FDA guidance on their clinical deployment, AI/ML models will gain clinical prominence in spite of their performance to date having been ‘overfit’ and plagued by bias that threatens to scale dangerous disparities to the underserved. With only 172 accredited medical schools established in close to 400 years, medical education is a highly-regulated discipline. Will there be a similar paradox in the future, or will systematically cataloguing AI/ML models across accessible digital patient populations be able to scale access to expertise not only in medical education, but ultimately for more equitable and ethical clinical care?

About the Presenter

Dexter Hadley, MD, PhD 

Dexter Hadley, MD/PhD translates big data into precision medicine and digital health. His research generates, annotates, and ultimately reasons over large multi-modal data stores to develop predictive models of clinical intelligence. He earned his PhD in genomics and computational biology while at medical school at University of Pennsylvania, and he trained in clinical pathology while at residency at Stanford. He first became faculty at University of California San Francisco where he won various grant funding for developing deep learning methods in medicine including over $5M from NIH. His contributions have yielded well over 60 peer-reviewed publications in precision medicine to develop novel interventions, identify novel biomarkers and potential therapeutics for disease. He has been giving invited lectures around the globe on leveraging AI/ML in clinical applications. Dr. Hadley is the Founding Chief of Artificial Intelligence at University of Central Florida, College of Medicine where he is building a community of patients, clinicians, and data scientists to turn his vision for Community Driven AI into reality.